Who we are and why do we exist

We are a tech company located in Orlando, Florida that can help you with technical assistance. We provide troubleshooting with both hardware and software issues. Some of them will include PC assistance (hardware or software), networking, and software development. Feel free to contact us if you want to get down to the specifics of your requirements. We believe that OUR CUSTOMERS should come first and not the business. We are here to solve YOUR problems and we will do our best to make you feel satisfy with our service until the end!

Our Experiences

We have experiences anywhere from analyzing issues with computer hardware to develop and debugging your software. If you want to setup a small network for your home or a small business, we can also do that for you!

Our goals

Making YOU as our customers feel happy and satisfy with our services.


Our staffs have great experiences in multiple areas. For our web demo views that we have worked with, please see the layout from below. Some free custom application demo can be found on our Github Repo.

  • Web and Mobile Design
  • Web and Mobile Design
  • Hardware analyze
  • Hardware analyze
  • Hardware analyze
  • Network & Security
  • Network & Security
  • Network & Security


All of our services will require you to contact us with the form below. We will need you to provide us in details what you need and we can get back to you. The basic packages are below so that you will have a basic idea of the prices and how to refer to it.

Facebook Pixel Installation and Optimization & Retargeting

Expertly install the Facebook pixel and set up retargeting ads to maximize profit per website visitor. Create Facebook ads to target the Client’s business with their contact information if there is no website available.


Initial Setup Fee

Custom Desktop and Service Applications

We can create custom applications for your personal and business needs. The base application package starts at $650. The price may varies depending on the depth of the application and maintenance fees are seperate.


Application Base Price

  • Some free sample work can be seen here on our Github Repo.

Web Design

Our base package starts from only $550 on time fee with $40 monthly fee.



  • Full responsive professional mobile friendly design
  • Include 5 pages
  • Multiple Sample layouts to choose from that we have worked in the past:

  • Or Contact us with a specific layout you have in mind!

Computer Repair

An analysis on the hardware or software will be required beforehand to fix the issue. We will need you to contact us and describe what you want us to fix. Any additional hardware or software cost to fix will be your responsibility. We will let you know the total price after we have the solution(s).


PC Repair

  • Estimate Base Price

Network & Security

The price below is to configure up to 3 computers for your home or business in addition to your internet modem and router. Any other extra connection will cost more. Please contact us for more information. You must provide us with the hardware and your home or business must have an internet connection with a company such as Bright House for us to set it up.


Network & Security

  • Base Price
  • Configure up to 3 computers
  • Internet modem
  • Router


Please use this form to contact us with all your details. You may attach detail contents of your work when it is available and the Service Agreement form is also available to download. For Online Marketing with Facebook, please see our services and you may download our Proposal for more information.

Contact details


Phone: 1-407-536-9027